Lake Atitlan

A friend and I have been taking regular walks out of Panajachel to two small villages (palopos) on the lake.  Along with giving us some exercise, we get to stop on occasion to look at the lake and go ahh…  Every day we walk the lake views look different as the volcanoes have different coverings of clouds and the lake itself changes in color and stillness.   The road has a few good uphill sections so we definitely feel we deserve our self pat on the back.   It is 4 kilometers to Santa Catarina and 4 kilometers more to San Antonio.  When we are feeling energetic, we also do the return walk.  Other times we simply hop onto the back of the local pickup truck shuttle that goes back to Panajachel for 5Q which is about 75 cents.

The women from San Antonio Palopo are well known for their entrepreneur skills and are seen in communities all over the area selling their beautiful textiles.  The woman below was trying to get us to buy her goods. She offered to take us to her casa for coca cola.  We would, I am  sure, seen lots items to purchase.  She did offer to have her photo taken for 2Q and so I did.   She is wearing the traditional traje (dress) of San Antonio.

Woman in San Antonio Palopo