My friend Janet and I were exploring Antigua, Guatemala a couple of weeks ago. Both of us love our cameras so we were seen frequently with our cameras focused trying to create pictures that captured what we were seeing in Antigua.  Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and clearly deserves to be so.  It is full of brightly colored houses that you wonder what is hiding behind the doors/ gates.  Antigua was the capital of Guatemala until it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1773. The city is full of the ruins of amazing churches, convents, and government buildings.  It also has a large expatriate community.   Antigua along with being beautiful has great shopping and fabulous restaurants and cafes.

In one of our late afternoon walks, we came across this pila or multiple pilas- a place where people come to wash their clothes.  Although no one was using it to wash clothes, there were people hanging out.  When I first saw it, I thought it was worth a shot.  See below.

Corner View of Pilas

Then Janet and I began seeing the reflections in the water and became enthralled and spent about 30 minutes finding lots of different things to try photographing.   Here are a selection of those I rather like.

Pila Reflection

Pila reflection with View of Ruin

Reflection of House Across the Street

Then I saw some other reflections when I looked a different way.

Then closer:

Reflection View