Arco de Santa Catalina

Arco de Santa Catalina

Antigua, Guatemala is such a magical place for me.   I simply love walking the streets and looking at the buildings and people. As the cobblestone streets make walking challenging, one really does have the opportunity to look at the colors and ruins with out the hurry of trying to get somewhere soon.  The hotel (Meson de Maria) I stayed in was only a block from the Arco (a main tourist spot).  According to the Moon Guatemala guidebook, the  (reconstructed- 19th C) archway is all that remains of a convent dating to 1613 which was destroyed in earthquake of 1773.   When the convent grew, it expanded into the building across the street and the arch allowed the nuns to cross to the other side without  being in contact with the general populace and remaining in seclusion.  In the background of the above picture is the Agua Volcano.

Arco de Santa Catalina

Arco De Santa Catalina - Other Direction

I also love looking at Antigua from the rooftop gardens that many of the hotels have.  One really does not know what hotels and homes are like from the outside.  Here is a picture of our hotel from the outside.

Hotel El Meson de Maria

View from the roof of our hotel

The next picture is the building adjacent to our hotel.  We loved this derelict building and always used its bright turquoise color to let us know we were on the right block coming back to our hotel.

Sample of a few more interesting buildings:

Art and Antique Gallery - Probably Distressed on Purpose

What a Great Colored Doorway

Well, I know I am boring you, but here is one more.  I will show you the ruins on another day.

Yes, we got a little rain.